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  1. Mini 'Blue Star' Limited Edition

    During the forty-one year production of the Mini, it was offered in many different limited editions that usually just involved cosmetic changes. One of the less well-known editions was the "Blue Star", produced only in 1996 for the German market and sold through the dealer network of MG Rover Deutschland …

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  2. Aftermarket steering wheel in late Jeep TJ / LJ

    Aftermarket steering wheel adapter kits are readily available for the Jeep CJ and YJ, but manufacturers such as Grant, Sparco, or MOMO do not offer a kit for the TJ/LJ Wrangler. Although an adapter (such as the MOMO 2401) will fit on the TJ steering shaft, the lower part …

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  3. Land Rover R380 oil pump curiosity

    I recently rebuilt a Land Rover R380 5-speed gearbox that I'm going to fit to my Discovery I, and while I had it apart, I discovered something strange about the oil pump. At the rear end of the layshaft, there's a machined recess in the aluminum extension housing that holds …

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  4. Steering wheel adapters in the late C4 Corvette

    MOMO adapters MOMO adapters

    When deciding on an aftermarket steering wheel for my '95 Corvette ZR-1, I found conflicting information about the MOMO adapter that should be used for the car. Some sources state that the 2702 should be used (with some modifications), and some claim that the 2401 is correct. Although most GM …

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  5. Rover MEMS 1.6 diagnostic protocol

    See also the Google discussion group.


    2015-10-27: Converted the data frame offsets to hex and added a few more fields.

    2015-06-12: I learned that the ECU's 32-byte response to the command 7D is also a frame of diagnostic data, and it contains some lambda sensor voltage and fuel trim …

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  6. 14CUX information

    The Lucas 14CUX is an electronic engine management system designed to control fuel injection on the Rover V8 engine. It was used primarily in Land Rover products from its introduction in 1990 until 1995, and also by low-volume sports car manufacturers until the engine ceased production in 2005-2006. More information …

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  7. 14CUX serial interface

    Hardware interface

    For background information on the 14CUX, please see the general info article.

    The serial port used by the 14CUX is nonstandard in a number of ways. For a PC to be able to communicate with it, the serial device on the PC must:

    • invert its RxD line (with …
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  8. 14CUX serial protocol

    For background information on the 14CUX, please see the general info article. For information about the hardware interface over which this software protocol is used, please see the hardware interface article.

    The protocol works as follows: the client sends a series of bytes to the 14CUX, which together specify the …

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  9. 14CUX software

    To read data from the 14CUX and display it in a useful way, I wrote some free/open-source, cross-platform software. It's licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0, and it's designed in two parts:

    • libcomm14cux is a library that handles the mechanics of the serial protocol required to …
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  10. 14CUX rescue kit

    Lucas 14CUX rescue kit

    Because of its relative simplicity, the Lucas 14CUX system itself is actually quite reliable. Still, there are a few components in it that may eventually need replacing, and it's helpful to carry spares of those items that can be easily replaced while out in the field. Pictured above is my …

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